Best Supporting Roles

We’ve often described how signage and environmental branding play a commanding role in cultivating exciting theater experiences for moviegoers. A stately marquee, attractive channel letters and engaging lighting accents all play leading parts in the development of a theater’s brand.

However, just as any successful movie requires the right bit players and extras (well, Castaway notwithstanding), a theater’s sign program requires attractive, legible, consistent messaging that extends to even the smallest piece of visual communication.

Cima Network is executing a package of interior enhancements for numerous Regal Cinemas locations. Cima Network developed visual enhancements for digital-display-surrounds, theater IDs and directional-sign cabinets that will differentiate the theater chain from its competition.

The work for Regal Cinemas’ Biltmore Grande theater in Asheville, NC, which includes a theater with an RPX (Regal Premium Experience) 3-D, extra-wide screen, provides a prime example.

The system upgrades include:

  • 15 display surrounds (one for each theater) – 14 with a painted, black-satin finish for the standard-screen theaters, and an LED-lit, frosted-white, backlit surround for the RPX theater.
  • For the lobby, two painted-aluminum, directional-sign cabinets with routed-aluminum overlays and acrylic letters, numerals and arrows;
  • And, at each theater’s entrance, a vinyl-clad, internally illuminated frame to embellish the existing ID-sign cabinet at each theater.

To use the old expression, Hollywood hit movies may be the steak the brings in crowds, but the sizzle of enticing signage and branding creates environments that help patrons enjoy their moviegoing experiences – and makes them excited to return.