Trevor’s Flex Appeal

Trevor Ogle found his way into the sign industry at a young age. As a tech-school student that was learning the welding trade, he apprenticed with a sign company in 2004, and went to work there after graduation. Trevor acknowledged some of the shortcomings of vocational education: “Learning stuff from books was never my strong…

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Reasons to Celebrate

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Fourth of July Holiday. It’s important to remember the sacrifices made by those who helped the U.S. achieve independence. However, it may appear that are no reasons for celebration until Labor Day weekend arrives in early September. That is patently untrue. Here’s a highlighted list of observances to help…

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Why Lie? A Life Lesson

True story: I was in Las Vegas sightseeing the day before an industry tradeshow. As I walked over a skybridge, I encountered several entrepreneurial panhandlers created a working the bridge. Celebrity lookalikes, musicians and other entertainers created a festive atmosphere. But, one guy really stood out. This guy, who looked homeless, sat on the ground…

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