Cima Network Welcomes New Team Members

Joe McMurtrie – Director of Project Management

Joe McMurtrie is our new director of project management. Joe has 15 years of PM experience: he worked as a residential-construction site developer for nine years, and more recently, Joe managed landscaping and snow-removal programs for B. Ferrandino & Son, where he executed programs for Walgreens and other entities with more than 2,000 locations.

“Successful project management requires being organized, proactive and deliberate in the use of resources, tasks and time,” he said. “Also, strong communication skills are required, and you must have an unwavering desire to finish projects successfully and ahead of schedule.”

Joe is a rabid Eagles fan. He attended his first game in 2004, and taking part in the “electric” atmosphere at Lincoln Financial Field (some of whose signage Cima Network Executive Vice helped design), and recalled, “I went from being a casual fan to a die-hard Eagles supporter.”

Erika Bitzer – Project Manager

We also recently welcomed Project Manager Erika Bitzer into the fold. A graduate of Temple University, Erika has more than five years of sign-industry experience at a national company. While there, she advanced from project administrator to project management team director, where she primarily focused on their work for T-Mobile, which entailed simultaneously managing up to eight large-scale sign programs.

Cima Network further fortified our team through our hiring of Matt Kohler, a sign installer who will be out there in rain, sleet, snow, gloom of night and whatever else Postal Service employees endure to make sure we’re maximizing our customers’ brand value.

We are also excited to welcome Orlando Durazo, our new shipping and receiving clerk, who will help our logistics flow more efficiently – which, of course, will help us better expedite customer orders and meet their needs.