The Rite Stuff


A quality signage and environmental-branding provider regards itself as more than a vendor, and its products as more than property identifiers. Cima Network views its role not just as a vendor of graphics for built environments, but also as a steward for our customers’ brands.

Our work for Rite Aid Pharmacies’ locations serves as a prime example. According to Cima Network project manager Jerry Canavan, we complete between 80 and 90 renovations, retrofits and new-build locations for Rite Aid annually.

Over the past year, we’ve completed seven energy-saving retrofits of channel letters, pylons and cabinet signs for Rite Aid locations across four states. Through our supplier, Pioneer Supply Co., we sourced G2G Lighting LED products to retrofit channel letters that were previously lit by neon, and cabinet signs that were lit by fluorescent tubing.

For example, at Rite Aid’s Lehighton, PA location, Cima Network replaced lighting for two pylon-sign cabinets and two wall-sign cabinets. All measure 5 x 15 ft. To light the signs using traditional fluorescent lighting would require 400W of energy. Using G2G Lighting’s Trident SF Stick, we outfitted the signs with equally bright luminescence that consumes only 225W of power – a savings of more than 40%. All the retrofits feature approximately the same energy savings. Every company needs a competitive advantage, and conserving energy reduces operating expenses, which enhanced Rite Aid’s profitability.

We’ve also helped them introduce some reinvigorated branding to a few of their locations with horizontal bands of aluminum-composite material that’s decorated with a Scottish Oak finish. It’s a growing trend for graphics and branding to incorporate colors and textures that reflect natural hues. Three Rite Aid locations in Johnstown, PA; Clifton Park, NY, and Morrisville, PA,  have been outfitted with the oak-finish banding thus far, and three more are slated to receive it over the winter.

With its acquisition by Walgreens, Rite Aid is going through a transitional period. We’re proud to support their brand with practical and aesthetic enhancements that bolster their brand.