The Gallery View

New York and Los Angeles are rightly viewed as key U.S. cultural centers. However, Washington, DC also maintains prominent trendsetting status as the nation’s capital. Businesses focused on the entertainment and tourism industries in a city that receives approximately millions annual visitors (19.3 million, to be exact in 2015, according to the Washington Post) are highly attuned to competing for tourist dollars.

Digital signage plays an integral role in boosting customer interest and engagement in any environment. They make a particularly compelling statement at movie theaters in upscale, high-traffic areas, where stimuli inundate passing drivers and pedestrians.

To optimize engagement with potential customers, Regal officials partnered with Cima Network Digital Signage Division Manager Brandon Wentworth. He specified a 12mm-pixel-pitch, 4 x 7-ft. Watchfire XVS digital sign. The display’s wireless broadband connection enables to content to be uploaded remotely.

Watchfire provided a one-on-one tutorial for the theater’s management to help them optimize the display. Here’s a quick summary of the presentation’s directives:

  • Don’t use 10 words to convey a message when five can do it, and don’t fit messages into one graphic when they can be split into two.
  • Choose colors that provide well-defined contrast and easy reading.
  • Don’t use flashing graphics; consumers generally view them as obnoxious and annoying.
  • Always visually confirm any content changes to verify that messages and display hold times are shown as intended.

Digital signage is a powerful tool for businesses of any type and size to engage, inform, direct and connect with their customers. But, knowledgable and preparation are essential to effectively leverage them in a saturated, highly competitive marketplace. Cima Network is proud of the network of partners it’s aligned to help our customers have an optimal experience with implementing digital signage, and we’re eager to help customers realized the technology’s exciting, dynamic potential.