We cultivate lasting relationships by partnering with iconic brands and all
stakeholders to create signage and environmental branding that engages,
informs, directs and emotionally connects.

Client Advocates

We’re our clients advocate. With unparalleled transparency, we provide customers with all information and every available option to successfully complete a project. Our client’s interests are put first in every decision we make throughout the organization.

Redefine Turnkey

We have redefined the traditional meaning of a ‘turn-key’ sign company. While still a single source provider, we provide our customers with flexible options, scalability and many value added services. We are a ‘tailored fit’ single source provider.

Time, Quality & Cost

We earn our business every day with a relentless focus on improving the speed of everything we do, improving the quality of our products and services and reducing customer costs.

Our Story

Meet Our Founders

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 Keith Denny, Executive Vice President

Keith’s distinguished, award-winning career in the sign industry spans more than three decades. After studying Communication Arts at Kutztown University and Hussian School of Art, he acquired a position with a leading east coast sign manufacturer. His dedication to his craft eventually advanced him to the position of Design Director. Over the course of his 19-year tenure, he became an integral part of their substantial growth.

Quickly, he became recognized as one of the leading designers in the sign industry, and was recruited to become the VP of Design for one of the top five sign manufacturers in the nation, spearheading the development of their design and marketing departments. His passion for design and determination to succeed has brought his career full circle by becoming Co-Owner of Cima Network.


Bill Lockett, President

Bill Lockett’s 15 years of sign-industry experience includes program management, estimating and business development. Bill gained invaluable leadership and project-management skills with two of the most prominent electrical sign companies in the nation. He also served on the integration board for the merger of the two companies.

Bill has served as VP of Business-Development for a thriving sign manufacturing entity where he helped coordinate the company’s three-fold growth in less than 3 years. In 2008, he co-founded Cima Network as a multi-faceted enterprise that provides total branding solutions for it’s clients.