Will Wray Rejoins Cima Network as Operations Manager

“Attention to detail is key in creating a better operation.”

Someone once said, “You can’t go home again.” That saying may have been well-intentioned, but it’s not always true.

Will Wray had formerly worked for Cima Network, beginning as a technical designer and growing into the position of Production Manager, for approximately two years before leaving last summer for another opportunity. As Cima Network continued to enjoy vigorous growth, Will’s management and leadership skills were missed. However, we happily welcomed him back to the fold in early October as our Operations Manager.

Will’s primary goal is to chart Cima Network on a course of continuous improvement, which means looking for improvements, small or large, that cumulatively translate into significantly more efficient.

“Attention to detail is key in creating a better operation,” Will said. “For example, putting trash cans on the end of every shop table means your team has to be less time walking back and forth, and can be more productive. And having materials in an efficient, central location is also important. Over the course of a day, if you can cut your steps from 300 to 30, you can be more productive and work more efficiently.”

Will has a wish list of equipment upgrades he’d like to make in the shop, but he believes the biggest investment a signshop can make is in its people.

“If you treat people fairly, pay them well and make sure they have the best training, tools and resources, they will be more productive, have better morale and do all they can to ensure a profitable shop that builds quality products.”

On a more personal note, Will noted that his favorite vacation spot is Hawaii, where he and his wife went on their honeymoon. “It’s even more beautiful in person than it looks on TV, and the people are so friendly. They must know they live in paradise.”